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Playtex Bottles

Some people consider it wasteful to use disposable Playtex bottles as a feeding option for your child. They argue that it is better to just have one bottle that is cleaned thoroughly and reused.

They have a valid argument too. However, there are certain elements about the disposable bottles that make them a better option to go with. This applies mostly to situations where the a bottle is to be used and disposed once it is done with.

Purchasing something and not using it frequently or efficiently enough is the actual waste of money. Instead of having a bottle that you keep around and use only once in a while, have a bottle that you simply use and dispose once you are done with it.

It also happens frequently that parents lose them in their cars, so it helps to have a bottle that instead of keeping tabs on all the time, you can just use and dispose once you are done with.

It could be argued, successfully, that it is more expensive to purchase disposable items than to buy one bottle and use it for a year or so.

Well, truth of the matter is that a normal bottle is becoming quite expensive too. Manufacturers are increasing prices constantly, with the excuse that technology is improving and the bottles how have certain additional features.

This means that instead of settling for these expensive options, buying a disposable bottle might be much easier.

Disposable Playtex bottles are made in such a way that when your child feeds, she does not suck a lot of air. This ensures the child remains healthy and well fed all the time. It also takes away the hustle of having to wash the bottle and keeping the bottle within sight all the time.

Some bottles are, granted, better to own and maintain that the ones that are disposable. They last longer, are better to transport and clean, and can be used to feed the child much better.

Finding a good bottle, however, costs more to maintain for an extended period. This is true if you are particularly prone to losing them frequently.

Studies have shown that people that have more outdoor activities are more likely to lose the bottle than parents that stay indoors with their children.

Disposable Playtex bottles are also amazing if you are looking for an alternative to breastfeeding.

Once you have expressed milk from your breast, it is much better to use a disposable bottle than one you have cleaned and sterilized.

The disposable one is sterilized and packaged in such a manner that ensures it remains sterilized until it is removed from the packaging.

They are also good to purchase for temporary use. If you want to go somewhere in a hurry and you end up forgetting your normal bottle, just go to the store and purchase the disposable one. Once you are done, you just dispose it.

Go to the store and buy a number of Playtex bottles if you are still unsure.

Make your choice once you have tried it out. It has been praised by other parents before, so they may not be such a mess after all.

Playtex Bottles