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Playtex VentAire

Compared with other models and makes of baby bottles, the Playtex ventaire design is a leading brand.

It has a patented venting system which can reduce signs of colic and gas. Its angled design helps with the feeding position of the baby as it prevents ear infections.

Many pediatricians recommend this brand of bottle over others. It is easy to clean and is durable.

Eight out of ten mothers liked these features of it and recommended it to future mothers. Compared with other brands, it scored better with things such as the baby making less frowny faces during feeding, the baby seemed more comfortable during feeding, he or she had a less flushed face during feeding, and had less crying during feeding.

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These are important things to look at when picking out a bottle type for your newborn child. This is the beginning of life for him or her and it should be as comfortable as possible.

For the first six months of life, your infant should have breast milk as much as possible so use these bottles with a breast pump and only use an iron-rich formula when absolutely necessary.

Some negatives to this bottle were not very many, but included things such as the nipple came off after a month or so and some parents said there were too many holes in the bottle.

Three holes they said were too many for a baby to be able to gulp down the liquid. It went too fast causing spit-up and too much air being sucked up.

Overall, however, most parents were pleased. They have said it is good how you can take apart the whole bottle completely in order to clean it.

Other bottles must stay together which is more frustrating with cleaning. They said this particular bottle also helped reduce gas in their baby while other ones had helped contribute to it.

They have said that because it works on reducing gas for the baby that it means they have to burp their child less often. Some children do not like to have their bottle taken away during feedings especially children that drink the milk quickly.

Parents say they like the shape of the nipple as it closely resembles that of the mother more than other bottles on the market. The angle is also good for feeding.

Reviews have also said the child can grab the bottle better than other ones because the nipple is larger and they can almost start feeding themselves at a younger age.

Depending on where one goes to purchase this, prices can vary. Most stores sell them at a reasonable price and will have them on sale.

You can also look in your Sunday newspaper for coupons.

Companies like to give coupons for new parents and this is a good way for a new family to save a few dollars.

Some parents feel the Playtex ventaire is a bit more than other bottles, but the extra cost is worth it as it has more positive components than other ones.